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How to Play Singapore Mahjong

If you are interested in learning Singapore Mahjong or you are a beginning Singapore Mahjong Player, then this book is ideally suited for you. Beginning Mahjong players usually learn to play the game by watching others play or by having someone provide them with a high-level explanation of how to play. The problem with this approach is that there are many aspects of the game which are not communicated to the beginning player. These gaps in playing knowledge are usually filled through hard-learned lessons while playing in real games. This type of learning process can be very time consuming, can be very frustrating, and can cost a beginning player many lost chips. Hence, the derivation of the popular Mahjong expression "you pay to learn." Another issue that facilitates this learning problem is that there are no documented rules for the game. This book solves these problems for the beginning player. This book provides a detailed and comprehensive description of the rules of Singapore Mahjong, the exact step-by-step playing processes, along with known rule variations. Furthermore, there are chapters devoted to both offensive and defensive strategies for Singapore Mahjong. This helps a beginning player not just understand how to play, but learn how to be competitive. A chapter on the risk-reward trade-offs between the offensive and defensive strategies helps to better define the process of playing competitive Mahjong. Finally, there is a quiz to test your knowledge of the game. Many game examples and scenarios are given that have step-by-step illustrations to better facilitate learning. Intermediate Singapore Mahjong players may also find this book of great interest; however, it is targeted for the beginning player. This book does not replace the need for a player to gain experience through playing real games. However, this book will greatly benefit the beginning player by presenting comprehensive information about the game that is usually gained through many real Mahjong game experiences.


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A Data Analytic Evaluation of Mahjong

Singapore Mahjong is a complex and multi-dimensional game of skill and luck. Most Singapore Mahjong players learn from their experience. However, lessons learned from experience can be incomplete, misleading, and imprecise.  If you have played Singapore Mahjong, then you may have wondered about the following. What are the most optimal ways to play my tiles? What are the actual risks associated with discarding unsafe tiles? More specifically, what is the chance that an opponent would Pong a fresh East Wind discarded tile towards the end of a game? How much of my winnings are due to luck or skill? Is it ever a good idea to play a 13 wonders game? How can I learn to make better decisions when playing Singapore Mahjong? If you have thought about these or similar questions, then you will be interested in this book. This is the first book to present comprehensive data analytic information on Singapore Mahjong. This is accomplished by using sophisticated computer programs that simulate individual Singapore Mahjong scenarios to determine the best outcomes. These computer simulations are run millions of times for each individual scenario. From these computer simulations, data analytic information is derived which is presented in this book.  You might be thinking that data analytics sound difficult and complicated to understand. The information in this book is presented in easy to understand language with supporting examples and pictures. This book is not for everyone. Some players are very content to play with the lessons learned from experience. However, if you are interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of Singapore Mahjong and you are not intimidated by statistics, then this book is ideally suited for you.


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