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Java Fix for Java v7 update 51 and above


The new version of Java (Java v7 update 51) has enhanced security features and will block the games at this website. To allow the games to be played do the following;

1) Left click on the Windows “Start” button at the bottom left side of the screen.

2) Left click on the “All Programs” item.

3) Left click on the “Java” item.

4) Left click on the “Configure Java” item.

5) This should bring you to the “Java Control Panel”. If steps 1 to 4 do not work (because some versions of Windows are different), you need to find a way to access the Java Control Panel. You can Google it for instructions.

6) Once the Java Control Panel is found, click on the “Security” tab on the top of the Java Control Panel.

7) Click on “Edit Site List”.

8) A new window called “Exception Site List” should appear. Click on the “Add” button.

9) Type into the text area provided (right next to the red circle with the !) the following;

10) Click the “OK” button in the “Exception Site List”.

11) Click the “OK” button in the “Java Control Panel”.


For more details on this issue you can go to the following web site;

Learn more about the Java security fix.